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Blackjack Dealer Package
  • Blackjack Dealer Package

    ABC Casino College is the Nation's premiere Casino Dealer School - and absolutely the best place to learn how to deal Blackjack. We offer extremely flexible course options & payment plans to fit even the busiest lifestyle. Below you'll a find detailed description on our extensive Blackjack Course.

    Our comprehensive Blackjack Dealing Course is designed to train our students in all aspects of Blackjack dealing. You will learn about the equipment used, the rules and object of the game and the dealer and player positions. When you are finished with our course you will have a thorough knowledge of Arizona, Nevada and International. Blackjack as well dealing from a single deck, double deck, delivering from a shoe and working with shuffling machines.

    Our course also covers proper procedures when faced with splitting pairs, doubling down, insurance, blackjacks, security, multi hands and general game control. We will also teach you how to properly interview for a job and helpful audition techniques so you can land a job anywhere from a high end Vegas Casino to a fun cruise ship! Our goal is to produce a highly confident, and capable Blackjack dealer. Please keep in mind that our course is designed to be completed in 65 hours however we will not charge you a penny for extra time as we are absolutely committed to making sure you are ready and polished for your auditions. Refresher courses and extra time are always at no additional charge to our students. 

    • General Procedures - Lay of cards, customer issues, backing up the deck
    • Shuffle - The shoe, and card placement
    • Handling and cutting cards
    • Appearance, attitude and controlling the table
    • Security and maintenance
    • Payoff procedures
    • Deck, bank protection and walking the table
    • Pitch
    • Hands on dealing lessons
    • Interviewing - Getting the casino job you want
      $645.00 Regular Price
      $345.00Sale Price
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